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Welcome to the home of my Nature Photography.
Have a look at the wild side of life and join my mission to create a more beautiful world by rewilding your own Nature!

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This is my photography page!
What you see is only a small spot of my work for Nature. If you want to find out more about my published books, my podcast „Rewild Yourself", and all my „Rewild Yourself Programms“ check out: - If you‘re interesstend in the reconnection with – your own – nature, this is your place to be. Promise! And: you can also buy my nature photography there.

Hello. That‘s me.

I'm in love with nature, animals and earth. Photography is my passion. Writing and telling stories what I love. And inspiring, guiding and coaching others to reconnect with - their own - nature my mission. If you want to create a more beautiful world by rewilding your own nature, feel free to get in touch and join my vision for the world:

Anna Zemann
Fischerstiege 10/12a
1010 Wien

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